Right to protection is one of the four major child rights prescribed in the UNCRC (United Nations Convention on Rights of Children). Foundation for Development Action have been working with children and adolescents under two different projects.

Recovery and Mainstreaming of Children on Substance Abuse (RMCSA)


Recent studies show that school children and adolescent are increasingly becoming victims of drug addiction. Chewing tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, heroin, opium, propoxyphene, drugs, stamps, stickers and various other types of inhalant & solutions are widely used by school children. Foundation for Development Action (FDA) in February 2018 launched RMSASF Project with funding support from Integrated Child Protection Scheme / Women & Child Development Department, GoK. The project was piloted in 20 hotspot schools in Thiruvananthapuram district, with support from the Excise Department, Department of Psychiatry, Thiruvananthapuram Medical College and local NGOs working in the field of de-addiction.

Capacity building training programmes for teachers to identify children with addictive behaviour, counselling for addicted children and their parents, treatment & follow-up services by linking with Department of Psychiatry Thiruvananthapuram Medical College, life skill training for addicted children, strengthening of squads at schools, IEC programmes like, school & community based awareness generation programmes, drawing competition for school children and development of knowledge products on drug abuse are services of the project.

KAVAL (Psychosocial Care for Children in Conflict with Law)


Foundation for Development Action (FDA) had initially partnered with Social Justice Department (SJD), Government of Kerala (GoK) for providing psychosocial care and protection to Children in Conflict with Law, with technical assistance from National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bengaluru. The project was officially launched in February 2017 by giving it a new Malayalam name called “KAVAL”, which literary mean “Guard”. In Thiruvananthapuram, Kaval project was started in September 2016 whereas in Pathanamthitta it was in January 2018. Post November 2017, KAVAL project was transferred to The Women & Child Development Department, GoK.

As supporting NGO, FDA is reaching out to children in their own communities and are providing numerous services for behavioural modification through counselling, life skill education and group work exercises. Other support services include; de-addiction treatment at Vimukti Centre run by Excise Department; legal services through linking with judicial system; vocational education & skilling service through networking with various departments, agencies and national flagship programmes.

Services for a child is determined based on the Individual Care Plan (ICP) which is prepared after a series of consultation and counselling sessions with children as well as their parents. FDA acknowledges that providing services alone to children will hardly yield intended results, hence focus is also given to parents by providing them training on ‘Parenting’, ‘Guidance’ and ‘Counselling’. The combination of these services will equip children to consistently move toward towards a new dawn and will help to mainstream them into the society as responsible citizens.